[Stretch Armstrong]
Ha ha Yeah, yeah we back again
We doin our shit yo word up
I wanna hear some fly shit, you know some get high shit
Word up I wanna hear some white boy shit man
Yeah I wanna hear Eminem, man, talkin about all the shit he be doin

(Stretch Armstrong is now in your world)

If you don’t do fuckin drugs, fuck you
If you don’t do ecstacy fuck you
If you don’t pop mushrooms fuck you
If you aint on a tab of acid fuck you

(Shady go!)

I’m nausous in this place I need some office space
The boss is late I wanna slap the mustache right off his face
I’m ready to go postal, I’m so close
I can almost feel his throat with no pulse when i choke him
In ten seconds I’m gonna turn into hulk hogan
With a cigerette in his mouth he tells me there’s no smoking?!
I’m sick of this shit it’s ridiculious
All i picture is kickin his ASS
While he’s takin his ASHES and FLICKIN em
I’m sick of his stamps I’m sick of lickin em
Sick of STICKEN em, I’m sick of looken at em
Alright Mr. Mathers pick em up!
No YOU pick them up! Bitch stick em up!
Get against the wall senior citizens and all
I can’t take this shit no more
Everybody hit the floor get the door
Close it and lock it put your wallets back in your pockets
I don’t want dollars aint none of us walkin out of this office

Faggot, fuck you
Work at the post office fuck you (fuck you)
Talkin shit to me tellin me to take out the goddamn garbage fuck you
If you’re a fuckin dick fuck you
If you’re a white rapper fuck you
Talk shit about stretch you’re cool
But if you don’t talk shit about Stretch fuck you

If you’re a fuckin punk fuck you
Talk shit about me fuck you
You wanna battle me fuck you
I don’t have to say shit to you but FUCK YOU