Nas talking:

Yo Nore I just can’t understand

what be going through brothers minds man

Know what I’m saying!

You try to tell a brother when he going the wrong way,

try to put him on the right way,

he don’t wanna hear that though,

so you just gotta let a nigga go


Death followed’em

before it swallowed’em whole

it was signs he shoulda read

that was inside of his soul

niggas light dutchies to’em now, so long

missa muthafucka, but still

life goes on

hope I’m rich on my last day

clutching some ass,

niggas say he came and went

got a nut when he passed, an old man

laying dead on my bed, wit some young shit

screaming out FREEDOM

when I slung to her chest

after that chill, be a bitch wit a hex

every nigga she sex, be the next

put ta rest


Yo if you live, you a member in 85

when it was just bats and knives,

made men and made wives

things changed, sell the Jetta, cop the Range

sending slugs that a leave that ass cripple

as a child had nemia wit out the sickle

N-O-R-E, nore, grand markey

always wanted to be in this game since Biz Markie

we fuck it up what

light dro, throw the chalk up

ever since crack came in little capsules

we control blocks, rock flat-tops

had two spots, selling blue tops

seeing Benni cop new rocks


Four wheel flow wit the rowdy thugs

Queens out,smoke Cali budd

feened out, my thoughts leak out

I speak out, what’s worth dying for

freedom,respect or both

what’s worth ya tears

being broke or when ya man get smoked

it all depends if you used to having ends in his ceased

instead of cry, more see,

whoevers fly in the beef

on the other hand, if it’s not ya real fam deceased

and you used to funerals, then it ain’t that deep

so when you kep slingin

me myself, I do my thing in the streets

since i was young I was anxious to eat


Yo since a young sibling

had every flavor Timberland

always had jumpshot, and always dribbling

yo macarole, Jose lay

like casserole, dolomite type

the Jungle low, cut the China white

come check ya,mix henney wit the nectars

on straight flights while y’all catch connectors,

if it was up to me

the whole world would be comfortably

since it’s not, y’all niggas stay fucked up

I think about y’all too much

and be bankrupt,so nigga get yours, I got mine



Sex and money go togother like techs and nine shells

swiss cheese you and cover it up like Rahswell, cartel

yo ain’t seen no iller regime

the Stellarsteen profecy

project warrior, owns property

crack is hated, cops get jealous

cause I stay wit

the 98 temporary plates on my whip

the system think its not right

Arista could fuck a cops awife

cause I’m on, televisi-on

and live the pop life

I rock mics, make mils

soundscan sales, one point whatever records

professionist skills, moneys the root of evil

but it make you happy

don’t wanna shoot my people

but still they might clap me

cause I talk like Dr.Malacayork

play the sidewalk, hold fort

diamond plate chaiun, gold fort

get in tune, rich like Ricky form Silver Spoon

Frank Lopez crib, elevators and living rooms


A yo we still in Queens

same place where we used to be

most people don’t see us

cause we usually out touring

leave the hood, now the hood boring

NORE, you know me, we regulated

straight from Iraq to QB, affilated

it’s like a Higher Learing

from 99th street down to Vernon

letting our heat burst burning

like Henney wet, throwing up my set

catch me on the Startek

bout to set the connect

Yo Sex,Drugs, Money and Murder

beers and sex, Lands and Lex

in the projects

the fourth floor, where we score through our cooker

D’s shook up, hit the block

now you looker!

(Nas and Noreaga talking)

NAS: It’s like the battle will symbolize the war,

and the war symbolize the winners of the battle,

no what I mean, go at ya neck!

Either you in it or you in the motherfucking way baby!

NORE: Word up, we analate ya ass!

NAS: Queens style, no what I’m saying!

NORE: Ish me Allah da men a Raheem!

NAS: Queens style, Brooklyn style!

NORE: Went from selling cracks to making raps,

to fucking hoodrats!

NAS:Lefrak and QB!