Ahhh shit hahaha

When I enter the first zone

Worst known mic holder

My Hummer roll up

Evacuating strapped soldiers

Inside strategy

Manifestin’ military styles

Casually try da g

When niggas battle me

My prophesied prediction

Switch and move positions

Separated from his gun and bitch

And watch ’em start snitchin’

I keep spittin’ still stupid niggas fail to listen

I personify this thug livin’

Hell or prison

My ammunition varies

My voice carries

Watch me invite the whole world

Me and the mob gettin’ married

It seems all the fine screams pierce the dark

This is expected

A trick bitch where is your heart

You mark

Watch niggas fall when I call they name

We outlaws hold your head niggas all the same

Except some who want more out of life than stress

We still thuggin’ ’til its none left

Don’t sleep

[Chorus (2x)]

We gon’ ride

Keep my pistol on my side

Always creep wit’ the nine when I ride (when I ride)

Don’t sleep

Blowin’ pine

Always hustlin’ on the grind

Cause I gotta get mine all the time (all the time)

Don’t sleep


Dumpin’ on motherfuckers at random


Wit’ accuracy

They shouldn’t talk bad to me

It had to be

A motherfuckin’ murder

I’m glad to be

A nigga that did the murder

So sad to see

Another motherfucker floatin’

In plastic reef

Sleep wit’ his head wide open (head smokin’)

Rapid release

Keep the police coastin’


Warrant in deep east Oakland (doors wide open)

Yolk the nigga off the asphalt

Drove off to the hills

Positioned him on his knees and blew the back off

Death with the lex ruger

Death to ya

Niggas cry when the bullets fly

Kill and execute ’em

[Yaki Kadafi]

I blast first ’til they body me

Like my guns in variety

Runnin’ wit’ the real big willies you silly punks try to be

But front

Doin’ my walk by’s rollin’ a blunt

Hand on my nuts in a getaway car full of stunts

Addicted to my nine

Movin’ like crime through time

Poppin’ niggas like pimples

Nigga nothin’ simple ’bout mine


Dumpin’ on all you punks at intersections

Day in and day out

Ain’t no easy way outs or easy exits

Don’t sleep

[Chorus (2x)]

[Lil’ Scrappy]

G’s up


When I hit the street

All I can see is the grind

Blood sweat and tears when I bust my rhyme

Yeah I un- for my folk like I load my nine

And when I let loose

Then no crew standin’ but mine

I gives a damn ’bout lame nigga actin’ schiesty

Same one knew I was in jail and didn’t write me

Wanna fight me then come find me

What eva you do shawty you betta think wisely

You might see me wit’ a stack in the trap (Aye)

I use my thoughts and pen

Similar to a saran wrap

A lil’ lame nigga I’ll neva be

Yeah I’ma keep it g

I’m from the Three and Scrap will neva sleep


[Chorus (2x)]

Don’t Sleep

Don’t Sleep