I ain’t got time for this man I’m out


You should stop for awhile you will find me standing by (Don’t you trust me?)

Over here at the side of your life (Not that I don’t trust you)

You spend all your hours just rushing around

Do you have a little time to have a little time for me?

As soon as I leave the house you wanna page me

See you got me trapped I’m going crazy this is slavery

You act like it’s outrageous give me space it won’t get better

And maybe we will argue and be through with all these sorry letters

Soon as I come home it’s like I get the third degree

Where ya been and who you with I get no room to breathe It makes me wanna leave

I’m sick of these tricks up your sleeve

Your suspicious I decieve give me grief without belief but to me

If you really trust me then it’s pitiful

Question me about my whereabouts that’s so trivial

Let me live my life and you can live yours

Just be there to help me and support that’s what your here for

Not to give me stress and add to pressure

Home is where I go rest I go to pass the test

I’m sorry if I left you all alone

But I couldn’t make it home so we argue on the phone

Don’t you trust me?


Callin’ up my house then hangin up You think that makes sense

Tell me what it takes for us to shake so we can be friends

It’s time for us to take our separate paths

We had a lot of laughs but the good things come to pass

Let’s think of the evil break don’t make it scandoulous

Try and be mature I’m pretty sure that we can handle this

Your sayin I’m too busy I ignore you

I guess you didn’t hear me when I said that I cared for you

But now it seems the arguments are nightly

I wanna hold you tightly but instead you wanna fight me

So why let it stress and aggravate me

Instead I’d rather break hope you don’t hate me

You tell me that you love me but your lyin’

Fightin back the urge to start cryin’

I wipe away your tears come and hug me

I love you like you love me

Girl…but don’t you trust me?


I hangup the phone (click)

I can’t bare to hear you yellin’ at me

Maybe we should end it neither one of us are happy

You know that I’m emotional you milk me

Comin’ over crying just to get me feelin’ guilty

You and me were meant to be and yet

You always wanna sweat how much closer can we get (don’t fret)

Just set me back my things and I’ll be outtie

This time I’m breakin out you let your mouth overcrowd me

I can’t take the beefin’ and the griefin’

I get no room to sleep I hope it ceases cause I’m leavin’

Maybe next time you’ll be a little more sure

And I can hear you more when you’re mature

But baby until then I gotta leave ya

It’s not that I don’t need ya but see ya

And I hope that you understand why I bust it

Not becuase we rushed it (hell no)

But girl don’t you trust me?


Not that I don’t trust you

Don’t you trust me?

Not that I don’t trust you

Don’t you trust me?

Not that I don’t trust you